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Gagnet, Atalie, Blooming Through the Waves, 2022

Blooming Through the Waves, 2022 Artist: Atalie Gagnet Assistant: Chase Melendez Apprentices: Yara Chaouali, Haley Franklin, Lily Rueckhaus As part of Rosewood Arts Center’s renovation project, which is currently underway, a community mural now adorns the exterior of the building. Designed by Atalie Gagnet, the mural was made possible through a special partnership with the Dayton … Continued

Garten, Cliff, Foliage, 2021

Ridgeway Road Bridge Cliff Garten Studio Foliage, 2021 Stainless steel Location: Ridgeway Road over West Dorothy Lane The City of Kettering replaced the Ridgeway Road Bridge and commissioned Cliff Garten Studio (Venice, CA) to integrate artwork into the project site. Cliff Garten Studio, or CGS, designed the artwork to reflect the flowing landscape of Hills … Continued

Scuri, Vicki, Schantz, 2020

Schantz Avenue Bridge Vicki Scuri SiteWorks             Schantz, 2020 Corten steel Location: West Schantz Avenue and South Dixie Avenue The City of Kettering replaced the Schantz Avenue Bridge and commissioned Vicki Scuri SiteWorks (Lake Forest Park, WA) to integrate artwork into the project site. Scuri designed the steel fencing and adjacent tower to be a visible … Continued

McMillan, Jes (Dayton, OH), Bee Ambitious, 2019

Jes McMillan (Dayton, OH) Bee Ambitious, 2019 Porcelain ceramic tiles, concrete Location: Haverstick neighborhood Jes McMillan, founder of the Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton, created a series of permanent sidewalk games for the Haverstick neighborhood of Kettering. McMillan saw an opportunity to engage children in outdoor recreation through her art and address the lack of … Continued

Kistler, Virginia, Mutual Homes, 2018

Virginia Kistler (Gahanna, OH) Mutual Homes, 2018 Stainless steel Location: Oak Park Mutual Homes reflects the meaning of home to Oak Park residents. Kistler was inspired by the characteristics of Oak Park’s 1945 Cape Cod-style homes, the history of the neighborhood, and the words and images shared by its residents today. Kistler found the manufacturing … Continued

Dixon, Hamilton, Motion, 2015

Hamilton Dixon Motion, 2015 Steel Location: Kettering Government Center South             Hamilton Dixon has created forged steel sculptures throughout the Dayton area, and his artwork is collected in numerous private and public commissions. “The most fluid design is sometimes the most complex thing to make—that’s what fun to me—to make a … Continued

Davis, Willis ‘Bing’, Ancestral Spirit Dance #259, 1999

Willis ‘Bing’ Davis Ancestral Spirit Dance #259, 1999 Oil pastel on rag board Location: Kettering Government Center South One of Dayton’s most celebrated artists, Willis ‘Bing’ Davis knew that he wanted to be an artist as an elementary school student. Influenced by his community, Davis has striven to celebrate humanity and creativity through his own … Continued

Rogero, Mary, RTA Bus Stops, 2007

Mary Rogero RTA Bus Stops, 2007 Location: Throughout Kettering Dayton-based artist and architect, Mary Rogero served as a principal architect with Rogero Buckman Architects during the time in which the RTA Bus Stops were created. Rogero’s background in both fine art sculpture and architectural design made her natural fit to design a series of bus … Continued

Holyoke, Beth and Käthi Seidl, Nature’s Interplay, 2016

Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl Nature’s Interplay, 2016 Concrete, aluminum, ceramic, glaze, glass Location: Habitat Environmental Center, 3036 Bellflower Street, Kettering Artists Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl designed, fabricated and installed a permanent, site-specific artwork at the Habitat Environmental Center, incorporating approximately 120 aluminum tiles created by Kettering City School students. The following thematic concepts … Continued

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