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Fitness Patron Spotlight: Cheyenne Young

We are celebrating this week’s Kettering Fitness Spotlight, Cheyenne Young!👏💪Cheyenne has been a member of the Kettering Rec Center since 2011. One of the biggest obstacles she has overcome is her own self confidence!! She struggled to do different types of workouts that she had never done before but our fitness facilities have helped her … Continued

The Giving Tree returns on November 6!

Our Annual Giving Tree program kicks off on Nov. 6, 2023! Curious about how the program works and who it helps? Check out the FAQs below. All gifts are due by Sunday, Dec. 3. How does the Giving Tree work? Guidance counselors in all of the Kettering City Schools work with parents to fill out … Continued

Fitness Patron Spotlight: Raymond Chan

Raymond has been a member of KFWC for 3 months. He is a transportation professional working with public officials to improve access to public transit and active transportation options. He used to be more active prior to the pandemic. Finding balance has been an obstacle that our fitness facilities have helped him overcome. He felt … Continued

Fitness Staff Spotlight : Claire Robinson and Jake Radloff

Say hello to Claire Robinson Fitness Specialist and Jake Radloff Personal Trainer! We are featuring them together since they work several shifts together. Great job Claire and Jake!! Jake has been training clients for over a year and a half now. He was inspired to become a trainer after his own weight loss journey. After … Continued

Studio Star at Rosewood Arts Center: Brendan Higgins!

My name is Brendan Higgins and I have lived in Kettering all of my life. Fairmont High School got me interested in an art career. I use Rosewood’s resources to expand my skills and attend their classes and open studio. I am a graphic designer for Epilson System Company. I’m also with the Dayton Urban … Continued

Fitness Patron Spotlight: Megan Siens

Give a big hello to our Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight Megan Siens!! Meg, husband Adam and their dog Bruce have been residents of Kettering for many years. They have been members of the Kettering Rec and KFWC for about a year now. They often play disc golf at Indian Riffle, walk the Rec center’s indoor … Continued

Fitness Patron Spotlight: Rahul Guha

Say hello to our Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight Rahul Guha!! Rahul has been a member of KFWC since 2016. Rahul grew up in Beavercreek and works at Wright-Patt as a cost analyst. His biggest passion is being a high school speech and debate coach. He has been coaching, doing public speaking and participating in acting … Continued

Studio Star at Rosewood Arts Center: Don Williams

Studio Star at Rosewood Arts Center: Don Williams My name is Don Williams and I am a retired architect who now builds with clay. I have been involved with Rosewood since 1984. I am originally from Troy, Ohio. I became a Kettering resident in 1962. I have two sons and four grandchildren. My wife is … Continued

Fitness Patron Spotlight: Mike Fetcher

Kettering Fitness Employee Spotlight: Mike Fecher Mike has been working at the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center since October 2021. He has also been a member since 1990 at the Kettering Recreaction Complex! Mike enjoys engaging with the patrons and getting his workout in after his shift ends.. “The facility is always clean and organized,” … Continued

Fitness Patron Spotlight: Jacob McGlaun

Meet Jacob McGlaun, our Kettering Fitness Spotlight patron! Jacob started working out at the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center in the summer of 2023 and immediately felt welcomed by the friendly staff. Since then, he has started a course in movement training in London, but he always comes back to Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center … Continued

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