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Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight Lauren Murray!

Meet Lauren Murray, our spotlight fitness patron of the week! Lauren joined the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center just over a year ago after moving to the area for her job as a clinical dietician. Since then, she’s become an integral part of our fitness community. What makes Kettering special for Lauren? It’s all about … Continued

Get Ready to Go 4th!

Before you head to Delco Park for Go 4th! on Thursday, be sure to check out the new layout at the park and review the FAQ to make sure you are prepared for our annual fireworks show that now features a drone show! Find it all on our Go 4th! page:

Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight Kady Huesman!

This week’s Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight shines on Kady Huesman, a dedicated member of the Kettering Recreation Complex. Let’s get to know Kady and her inspiring fitness journey! Kady has been a member at the Recreation Complex for a year now. She moved to Kettering last spring after getting out of the Navy and has … Continued

Kettering Fitness Spotlight Mother-Daughter Duo Crushes Goals Together!

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the inspiring teamwork of Dawn Partin and her daughter, Ashli Brandabur! These incredible women have been part of the Kettering Fitness & Wellness Center family for five years, and their dedication to fitness is truly contagious.A year and a half ago, they decided to take their workouts to the next … Continued

Kettering Fitness Spotlight: Stephanie Anderson

Finding Fitness and Community at the Kettering Recreation Complex This week’s Kettering Fitness Spotlight shines on Stephanie Anderson, a member who has found not only physical well-being but also a strong sense of community at the Kettering Recreation Complex (KRC). Stephanie, a resident of Kettering since 2015, moved here from New Orleans, Louisiana. She has … Continued

Kettering Fitness Spotlight: Jessica Bernal, Mom on a Mission!

This week, we turn the spotlight on Jessica Bernal, a fantastic member who proves that dedication to health and fitness can thrive even amidst the busy schedule of a homeschooling mom! A Year of Commitment Jessica joined the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center in June 2023. Since then, she’s become a familiar face, inspiring others … Continued

Kettering Fitness Patron Spotlight: Scott Goss!

This week, we shine the spotlight on Scott Goss, a dedicated patron of the Kettering Recreation Complex (KRC). Scott, originally from Toledo, spent eight years serving in the Army before relocating to Dayton from Charleston, SC, about a year ago. He joined the KRC in October and has been an active participant in our group … Continued

The Yard Debris Center, A Unique Kettering Feature!

Attention, Kettering residents! Are you ready to turn your yard debris into something amazing? For this edition of Features Unique to Kettering, we’re highlighting the Kettering YDC (Yard Debris Center) – a free and eco-friendly facility that transforms your brush, limbs, and trimmings into nutrient-rich mulch for our beautiful city! Here’s how it works: Gather … Continued

Rosewood is … For Artists

Rosewood Arts Center Nurtures and Elevates Artists Rosewood Arts Center stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for artists of all backgrounds and skill levels, fostering a dynamic environment where creativity flourishes and artistic visions come to life. From the gallery walls to community engagement initiatives, Rosewood serves as a vital hub for artists, … Continued

Fitness Patron Spotlight: Barb Phillips!

For Barb Phillips, fitness is more than just physical exercise – it’s a lifestyle that has evolved over the years. At 57 years old, the HR Director for Greene County Public Library and proud mother of two has been an active member of the Kettering Fitness and Wellness Center (KFWC) for years, embracing the variety … Continued

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