Location Layers: Kettering Rocks! Installations

Whack, Whack, Paddy Whack – Dale Johnson

Patty Wack, Patty Wack Indiana Limestone Location: Kettering Recreation Complex Located on the turn-around area off Glengarry Drive at the entrance of the Kettering water park, this stone sculpture, entitled “Patty Wack, Patty Wack,” was created by artist Dale Johnson. Commissioned as a part of 2002’s Kettering Rocks! stone sculpture symposium, Johnson was assisted by … Continued

The Interior Animal – Erika Inger

The Interior Animal Indiana Limestone and Steel Location: Polen Farm The sixth stone placed in Kettering was Italian artist Erika Inger’s work entitled “The Interior Animal.” The rough-cut block of stone is untouched from the quarry except for the graduating metal discs forming a backbone shape over the stone. The variation of sizes of the … Continued

Untitled – Velislav Minekov

Untitled Indiana Limestone Location: Indian Riffle Park The City of Kettering has established a partnership with the Bulgarian City of Silistra over the past few years. Located in Indian Riffle Park, just south of the pond area, a proposed Silistra Corner has been designed by Bulgarian landscape architect, Toni Ogneva. Due to this unique Bulgarian … Continued

Terrestrial Formation – Irma Ortega Perez

Terrestrial Formation Indiana Limestone Location: Governor’s Place Spanish artist Irma Ortega Perez completed her 16,800 pound stone, “Terrestrial Formation” as a part of 2002’s Kettering Rocks! stone sculpture symposium. “Terrestrial Formation” is located in Kettering’s Governor’s Place off Dorothy Lane at the corner of Kettering Boulevard. Perez has spent years developing a series of formations … Continued

Rock Waves – Anno Seiberts

Rock Waves Indiana Limestone Location: Delco Park German artist Anno Seiberts’ 26,000 pound sculpture Rock Waves simulates wave formations on the face and the rear of the stone and is repeated in the ripple effects of the water at its location by the pond at Delco Park. The setting surrounding the monolithic sculpture includes plant … Continued

Untitled – Keizo Ushio

Untitled Indiana Limestone Location: Lincoln Park Civic Commons The seventh stone placed in Kettering was sculpted by Japanese artist Keizo Ushio. His stone carving is recognized throughout the world for his mastery of the difficult technique in carving intertwining ribbons of stone and three-dimensional circles. This Indiana Limestone sculpture of intertwining ribbon of limestone incorporates … Continued

Memorial for 9/11 – John Van Alstine

Memorial for 9/11 Indiana Limestone and Painted Steel Location: Lincoln Park Civic Commons Artist John Van Alstine create the piece “Memorial for 9/11” with a gathering and sitting space for the community. The 26,600 pound sculpture is also a solar calendar, allowing the solar noon sun to line up with the stylus on the monument … Continued

Inner View – Carolina Ramersdorfer

Inner View Indiana Limestone Location: Rosewood Arts Centre The last stone sculpture placed from the International Stone Sculpting Exposition is by Austrian artist, Carolina Ramersdorfer. Her Indiana limestone sculpture is entitled “Inner View” and incorporates the partnering of organic and geometric forms with a hard-edge cube revealing an inner space where transformation of thought can … Continued

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