Parks Updates

LPCC lights

Holiday Lights at Lincoln Park Civic Commons

The holiday lights will remain up until the end of January, so please be sure to get out and enjoy!

Winterizing at ParksIrelan Winter

All Kettering parks have now been winterized for the season. This means water fountains and water in restrooms will be turned off.  If you head out to enjoy a park, please assume the water will be off there from November to early April, but please continue to enjoy the parks year-round!


Gentile ParkConstruction

The Gentile Park project has been approved to proceed in 2019, and planning efforts have begun to move the project forward. Re-evaluation of the current master plan has begun spring of 2019. The development of construction documents for the purpose of bidding the construction of the park will take place late fall of 2019 with a tentatively proposed construction of the park occurring late winter/early spring of 2020. Stay tuned for this exciting development!



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