Wednesday, May 29th - Due to chilly temperatures, Adventure Reef Water Park will be closed for the day.

My Park Program

my park bannerOur community’s 21 parks are a much loved part of Kettering life. From our larger, bustling parks to the smaller neighborhood spaces, residents can choose to be part of the action or to just get close to nature. And, we all have our favorite park where we spend the most time and call it our own. These public spaces are an extension of your own backyard to stretch your legs on a walk, play with friends or relax your mind with endless possibilities to explore.

And, just like your own back yard, we appreciate your willingness to help keep Kettering parks clean, enjoyable places for everyone. We are fortunate to have so many green spaces in our community. With the help of our residents reporting unusual occurrences at their parks, together we are able to keep them beautiful.

View and download the My Park brochure (PDF)

See and Say

If you see something out of the ordinary in your park, we encourage you to say something, so that we can take a closer look and fix or improve the situation. We welcome your extra set of eyes to help maintain our parks.

Only One Park After Dark

Except for Civic Commons, our parks are open only from sunrise to dusk unless posted. Civic Commons closes at midnight, unless extended for a Fraze performance.

Tag – You’re it!

Help us stop tagging and other forms of vandalism in your neighborhood’s park. We all deserve beautiful parks to relax, exercise and play! Vandalism is a crime punishable by arrest and fines.

Park visitors are encouraged to watch for all incidents of vandalism, unruliness, and other obvious wrongful activities, including:

• Defacement of park equipment
• Misuse of playground equipment
• Broken and unsafe equipment
• Alcohol or substance abuse in the park
• Unauthorized fires
• Fighting or harassment
• Destruction of natural resources
• Abuse or capture of wildlife
• Loose domestic animals in the park
• Littering or garbage dumping
• Violation of park closing hours

Kettering Police Seal

Please report all suspicious activities:

Did you know that cleaning up after acts of vandalism takes our Parks crews’ time away from regular parks maintenance? Help us keep our parks beautiful – be an extra set of eyes! Report suspicious incidents to:

Kettering Police Dispatch937-296-2555 (911 for emergencies)

Kettering's Parks Division937-296-2486

Report Online:

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