Honoring Exceptional Kettering Trees

The City of Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department is pleased to launch a new initiative called the Heritage Tree Program, recognizing exceptional trees that enhance the character and natural landscape of our community. This celebratory program allows us to appreciate the environmental and aesthetic gifts provided by the remarkable trees around us.

Heritage Tree Award Details:
• Up to 10 trees each year will be awarded throughout the community (residential, commercial, &/or public park).
• After submission, City of Kettering staff will confirm tree details & get owner permission for nomination.
• If awarded, applicants will be provided a plaque to display within the given property for a period of time, Labor Day – Halloween (Approximately 8 weeks).
• A program nomination form–can be submitted by owner or neighboring property owner.
• Applicants who are awarded will be recognized within city publications and social media posts.
• Awarded trees will be added to the City of Kettering Heritage Tree Program database to remain recognized for future years.

How we define a tree
A tree is defined as a perennial plant having a single woody main trunk usually characterized by the ability to grow to considerable size and the development of woody branches. *Shrubs, bushes, ornamentals and fruit trees are NOT included.


Heritage Tree Program Application

Heritage Tree Program Flyer

Download Heritage Tree Program Flyer

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