FAQ Topic: Rosewood Art Activities

How To: Pinwheel

Art From Home returns! Today, our facility coordinator, Heather Lea Reid, has a fun pinwheel project that’s perfect for summer. Read through the instructions below, then check out her video tutorial! Supplies: 2 sheets of heavy weight paper – contrasting colors Glue stick Crayons (optional) Scissors Pushpin Dowel rod or wooden pencil Hammer Step One: … Continued

How To: Zoetrope

Make your own animation come alive by creating a zoetrope!  Zoetrope was one of the first techniques to create a “movie,” and stop motion photographs and illustrations are often used to create a moving image! Our Gallery Coordinator, Paula Wilmot Kraus, put together this tutorial. Supplies: Pencil Ruler Black heavy weight or painted paper White … Continued

How To: Rust Prints

Another amazing project from our Gallery Coordinator, Paula Wilmot Kraus! This is an easy and fun project that creates beautiful amber tones of an abstract nature.  If you are like me, I have lots of old rusty bits I found while on walks – these “road kills” make for some great rust prints. It’s a … Continued

How To: Shaving Cream Prints

Ceramics Coordinator Brandon Lowery has a fun, easy project to share with everyone! Have food coloring and shaving cream on hand? Be prepared to get a little messy! Materials Plastic to cover table Shaving Cream Ruler Food coloring Paper Toothpick Towel To start, cover the table with plastic. Next, make a rectangle out of shaving cream … Continued

How To: Let’s Go Make a Kite!

Windy spring days are ahead, and Gallery Coordinator Paula Wilmot Kraus has just the thing to make the most of them – homemade kites! When my brothers and I were young we often just made our own kites.  It’s simple! Materials: Sticks (straight and thin) A spool of string Scissors Adhesive tape Paper (newspaper, wrapping … Continued

How To: Eggscellent Easter Egg Drawing

Happy Easter! Andrew Dailey, Cultural Arts Program Supervisor at Rosewood, put together this fun and easy holiday project. I love to draw and looked around my house for an interesting opportunity for a neat drawing project. I realized that I could draw on eggs and create unique objects. This is such a simple idea that … Continued

How To: Handmade Notebook

Would you like to make a notebook for a diary or for sketches? Read on to find out how to create a handmade journal! Once you determine the size of the notebook, you want adjust your cover and pages to match the desired size. I used cover and paper that was 7” x 10 1/4’” … Continued

How To: Dance by Numbers

Need a new way to get moving? Rosewood Arts Centre Facility Coordinator, Claire Dorothy Zook , previously performed professionally as a freelance dancer around the world, and is now a local dance instructor. She put together a fun dance activity to help you get active, and most importantly, have some fun! (Check out Claire’s helpful … Continued

How To: Camera Obscura

Rosewood Gallery Coordinator, Paula Wilmot Kraus, provided this awesome DIY Camera Obscura project. This fun activity is part-art and part-science, just in time for International Pinhole Day on April 26! Camera obscura, which is Latin for dark chamber, is the basis for all modern cameras. You will need: Box: (cereal box works great) Tape: black electrical … Continued

How To: Mini Collage Boxes

Here’s a fun art activity you can do at home, provided by our Cultural Arts Division Manager, Shayna V. McConville! Needing a break from screens and desiring a hands-on activity, I created a fun and easy artwork using materials found around the house. I picked up one of my favorite books, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and … Continued

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