Rosewood Arts Center will be closed from March 20 - April 9. Kettering Children's Theatre performances will still be held during this time. Rosewood Gallery will be open by appointment only. Learn more

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Renting Rosewood Arts Center

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Please note that due to renovations, art birthday parties and special event rentals are temporarily not being offered.

Rosewood offers private and open artist studios, art birthday parties, locker rentals and plenty of spaces for event rentals. Contact Rosewood at or 937-296-0294 if you'd like to reserve a room, book a birthday party or have questions about using our open studios!

Rosewood Arts Center
2655 Olson Dr.
Kettering, OH 45420

**Our Darkroom, Ceramics, Jewelry and Glass open studios require a brief, no-cost orientation and demonstrated ability to use these facilities. Please visit Open Studios for the latest information on how to schedule your orientation.


As of September 2021, room rentals are temporarily unavailable due to the Rosewood renovation.

Rosewood Arts Centre is the ideal place for your club or organization’s meetings. With rooms that can host groups as few as five and as large as 150, the facility offers a comfortable atmosphere and numerous amenities. Conveniently located in the heart of Kettering, Rosewood Arts Centre is near major interstates and hotels.

The rentals include free room set-ups. Theatre rental does not include a lighting or sound package.

Affordable Rates (all rates are per hour)
30×30 classroom – $30 resident; $38 non-resident
30×60 classroom – $40 resident; $50 non-resident
150 seat Theatre – $50 resident; $60 non-resident

An extra staffing charge of $20/hour will be applied to rentals extending past Rosewood’s normal business hours.

A security deposit equivalent to one hour of room rental is required. An additional deposit may apply for equipment use in the theatre.

Non-profit arts organizations will see a reduction of $10 per hour on all spaces. All non-profit art organization rentals must have on file a 501-C Internal Revenue Service classification letter for non-profit organizations. To qualify for the resident status as a non-profit organization, the non-profit membership list must be at least 51 percent residents of Kettering, or the Internal Revenue Service Non-Profit classification letter must be registered to a Kettering address.


As of September 2021, art birthday parties are temporarily unavailable due to the Rosewood renovation.

Celebrate your child’s birthday with an Art Party at Rosewood! Choose from painting, clay or printmaking for a fun, memorable, creative day! Pricing starts at $200 for 10 children. Appropriate for ages 3 – 12.

Artist Studios

Artist studios are available at Rosewood Arts Centre and applications are accepted on a rolling basis, reviewed as studio spaces become available.  Spaces are available for artists with an active practice and a commitment to sharing their work with the Kettering community.  10 x 10 studio spaces are $85/month for Kettering residents and $130/month for nonresidents.  For more information about artist studios, please contact Rosewood at 296-0294.


Fiber artist Tracy McElfresh, our newest studio renter says, “Hi, I’m Tracysews, aka Tracy McElfresh, from Kettering, Ohio. I love custom sewing work and dresses are my favorite. I’m also a fit specialist, freelance writer, blogger, garment construction expert and sewing instructor. You can find me on every social media channel, including my cheesy, unedited how- to YouTube videos. I am also one of the former co-owners of Sew Dayton.”

Multi-media artist, Melanie Rohman, is a disabled Navy veteran who holds an art degree in voc rehab. She began her artistic practice as a form of therapy and works in a variety of two-dimensional media. She has had a studio at Rosewood since 2008.



Sarah Hydell, a ceramic artist with experience in a variety of media, first experienced art making in kindergarten, when she enjoyed making a set of yellow chicks. In adulthood, she sampled watercolor, etching, drawing, oil and finally, pottery classes at Rosewood. Taking classes from Rosewood’s ceramics instructors, she developed her own style of creating vases and sculptural forms.

Longtime studio renter, Pam Adams, is originally from Dallas, Texas. Her colorful, impressionistic portraits are often based on the dancers and children that attend classes at Rosewood. “I love painting children and ballerinas because they have such beautiful color and movement,” she said. “I remember painting something when I was around eight years old, and from that moment on I knew I wanted to be an artist. When you enjoy doing something, you spend more and more time doing it, and you get better at it as time goes on. You don’t have to be born with a great talent, but just keep working on what it is that makes you happy, and you’ll get better over time. Pam studied art at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.


Larry Riddle‘s interest in stained glass began when he took a class at Rosewood about 15 years ago. Although he considers himself a hobbyist, his art reflects a high level of skill and dedication. His studio has been based at Rosewood for over a decade.



Painter Maria McGinnis says of her art, “My work started out being my therapy as I explored expressing emotions about my family and my life. It started with portraits of my family and using mark making, texture and color. I moved to still life as way to find peace and calm in my turmoil of losing love ones and panic. My playground series came from focus on my children after divorce. I drew from my life again where I was in my journey all along. I am at a more calm and peaceful place in life. I am working to get ideas out and explore what I want to show in my work at this new place its all a new experience.”

Andrew F. Dailey

Andy holds an MFA from Miami University, Oxford and BFA from Wright State University both with concentrations in drawing and painting. He has won numerous awards for his artwork, including an Individual Excellence Award from Ohio Arts Council. Dailey exhibits his artwork regionally and nationally. He currently serves as the cultural Arts Program Supervisor for the City of Kettering.

Lynn Wheeler

Lynn’s professional career is expansive and diverse. Whether her time in office administration or the first female officer in her hometown, she has proven she is up to the task no matter the challenges she faced.  Her most recent career as a mental health therapist gave her the opportunity to really see first hand how a healing environment can make the difference between hurting and healing. She cherished the challenge and experiences that each profession gave her. The most rewarding and fulfilling be far was primary caregiver to both of her parents. It was during that time she was able to selflessly give herself of herself to the two people that mattered most.

Rent a Rosewood locker for six months or one year. Get a discount by choosing a one-year rental!
Six-month Rental: $20 Kettering resident; $25 non-resident
One-year Rental: $35 Kettering resident; $45 non-resident


The Darkroom, Glass and Jewelry Studios are temporarily closed due to the Rosewood Renovation. Please contact the Rosewood office at 937-296-0294 with any questions.

Open studio sessions are designed to allow artists and craft persons the opportunity to work on their own projects in a creative environment with equipment perhaps not available to them at home. The studios are open for independent work Monday through Saturday. Hours are determined by class schedules and renovation impact.

Children under 5 years old are not permitted in open studio; those under 16 years must be supervised by an adult 21 years of age or older (no more than two children per adult). All studio patrons, including currently enrolled students, should sign in and pay fees at the Rosewood office. All open studio work in progress may not be left more than 30 minutes unattended.


Ceramics Studio Schedule February 2023

Ceramics Studio Guidelines

The pottery studios at Rosewood feature three areas available to the public: a wheel room, a glazing room and a room for hand building. In order to use the studios, previous experience in ceramics is required and an orientation must be completed. Introductory classes in both wheel pottery and hand building are offered on a regular basis. Please contact the Rosewood office at 937-296-0294 for details.  Orientations can also be scheduled online. Schedule a Ceramics Studio Orientation.

The following equipment is available to all open studio participants:
13 Brent wheels
4 Creative Industries wheels
A variety of cone 6 glazes
Large spray booth with pneumatic spray gun
2 small and 1 large Brent slab roller
3 extruders with assorted dye cuts

Studios are available to the public when classes aren’t in session.  A free orientation session is required before access to open studio can be granted.  Schedule a Ceramics Studio Orientation.

Clay purchased at Rosewood may not be removed from the facility for work at home, and you must supply your own tools.  Tool kits are available in the office for $20. Clay purchases include glazes and firing fees.

Clay bodies available for purchase: $20 for 25 lbs or $11 for 25 lbs of recycled clay
#112 Brown Speckled (cone 6)
#182: White Stoneware (cone 10)
#306: Brown Stoneware (cone 10)
#308: Brooklyn Red (cone 6)
B-Mix (cone 10)
Porcelain (cone 10) is available at additional cost.

Cone 10 Reduction Firing:  Reduction firing is now available at no additional cost for Rosewood studio users. A no-cost reduction kiln orientation is required. Please contact the Rosewood main office with any questions about reduction firing. Clay body #308 red clay cannot be fired in the reduction kiln.

Both the electric and reduction kilns may also be rented if you wish to fire projects from your studio at home.

Ages: 5+ (children under 16 years of age must be supervised)
Studio Fees: $4/residents; $8/non-residents
Open Studio Passes:  (10 visits) $30/resident; $60/non-resident


Starting  August 22, 2022, the Darkroom is temporarily closed due to the Rosewood Renovation. Please contact the Rosewood office at 937-296-0294 with any questions.

The Rosewood Arts Center is proud to be one of the only facilities in the Dayton area that offers a darkroom for public use.  The darkroom can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people with 10 enlargers.  All chemicals needed for black and white photography processing are included in studio drop-in rates.  The darkroom is only available when classes are not in session.  Please call in advance for available times.

In order to use the darkroom, previous experience in photography must be demonstrated and an orientation must be completed.  Please contact the Rosewood office at 937-296-0294 for details.  Orientations can also be scheduled online. Schedule a Darkroom Orientation. 

Equipment provided:
Hand Dryers
11 Enlargers:  Omega Variable Condenser (3); Beseler 23C III (2); Simmon Condenser Lamphouse (6)
Assorted trays
Gralab timers
Wash timers
Time O Lite Model Timers
A variety of Omega Negative Carrier Bezels
Kodak Filter sets
And more!

Chemistry provided:
Film Developer — Sprint Standard Film Developer
Paper Developer — Sprint Quick Silver Print Developer
Stop Bath — Sprint Block Stop Bath
Fixer — Spring Record Speed Fixer
Hardener – Sprint Record Alum Hardening Converter
Rinsing Agent —Sprint Archive Fixer Remover
Wetting Agent —Sprint End Run Wetting Agent & Stabilizer
Fixer Test — Edwal Hypo-Check

Ages: 16+ (individuals under 18 must be with an adult)
Studio Fees: $5/resident; $10/non-resident
Open studio passes:  (10 visits) $35/residents $70/non-resident


The painting studio at Rosewood is complete with sturdy, large H-frame easels that can easily accommodate canvases up to 6 feet in height.  A large podium is available for setting up a still-life display or can provide plenty of space to study the human form.  The studio is available when classes are not in session.  Call for available times.

No paint, thinners or other supplies are provided.

Ages:  12+ (individuals under 18 must be supervised by an adult)
Fees:  $4/residents; $8/non-residents
Open Studio Passes:  (10 visits) $30/resident; $60/non-resident


Featuring a dance floor that is 24’ x 30’ the dance studio at Rosewood enables dancers of all abilities the opportunity to practice their craft. A wall with mirrors gives dancers the opportunity to perfect their choreography for the next big recital or competition.  Barres extends along two walls for added convenience.  The dance studio is available when classes are not in session.  Please call for more details. A stereo is provided.

All ages are welcome, but children must be supervised
Studio Fees: $4/residents; $8/non-residents
Open Studio Passes:  (10 visits) $30/resident; $60/non-resident


Starting September 20, 2021, the Glass Studio is temporarily closed due to the Rosewood Renovation. Please contact the Rosewood office at 937-296-0294 with any questions.

The glass studio at Rosewood is for experienced lamp workers or students currently enrolled in a Rosewood glass class. In order to use the glass studio, previous experience in glass art must be demonstrated and an orientation must be completed.  For your convenience, any member of our staff can complete an orientation within 10 minutes. (No reservation required.)

Equipment that is available to all studio users:
2 small Paragon Kilns
5 Glastar grinders
Gryphon Miter Saw
Jarmac Saw

We have two kilns available for annealing small projects up to 10” wide by 10” deep by 6” tall.  Firing fees are in addition to the drop-in rate and must be purchased in advance.

Ages: 16+ (individuals under 18 must be supervised by an adult)
Firing Fees: $5 per three-hour session
Studio Fees:  $5/residents; $10/non-residents
Torch Usage Fees: $5 per three-hour session
Open Studio Passes:  (10 visits) $35/resident; $70/non-resident


Starting September 20, 2021, the Jewelry Studio is temporarily closed due to the Rosewood Renovation. Please contact the Rosewood office at 937-296-0294 with any questions.

The jewelry studio at Rosewood is for experienced jewelry artists or those currently enrolled in a jewelry class at Rosewood. In order to use the jewelry studio, participants must demonstrate previous experience in jewelry making, plus complete a brief, no-cost studio orientation with a Rosewood staff member.

A wide variety of large and small equipment is available for use during open studio time. For inquiries about specific equipment, please call Rosewood at 937-296-0294. Please note that participants are strongly encouraged to take a Rosewood jewelry class prior to using the studio. For safety reasons, participants will only be allowed use of equipment on which they are able to demonstrate full knowledge and proficiency.

Ages: 16+ (individuals under 18 must be supervised by an adult)
Studio Fees:  $5/residents; $10/non-residents
Open Studio Passes:  (10 visits) $35/resident; $70/non-resident

Rosewood Rental Inquiry

  • This information will be used to determine pricing. Those who live or work in Kettering as well as those who do not are able to reserve our facilities.
  • Examples: birthday party, retirement celebration, reunion, etc.
  • This information is helpful in determining the perfect space for your reservation.
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