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Meet Art on the Commons artist, Dawna Boehmer

Dawna Boehmer (Hamilton, Ohio) Painting November 15 – 20 Vivid, bold colors bring vibrancy to each painting that Dawna Boehmer creates, sharing narratives of humorous social interaction.  Using oil paints and canvas, Dawna has been described as a “sarcastic Norman Rockwell” with her personality and humor shining through. About Art Festivals Dawna says, “I’m … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons artist, Karl Feng

Karl Feng (Cincinnati, Ohio) Works on Paper November 8 – 13 Karl Feng uses a traditional approach to painting with watercolors using a special rice-paper and bamboo brushes.  Combining detail and free styles, Karl’s work reflects the respect for natural beauty. Originally from Taiwan, Karl was mentored by several well-known artists from a young … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons artists, Sandra Picciano-Brand & David Brand

David Brand and Sandra Picciano-Brand (Dayton, Ohio) Jewelry November 1 – 6 For over 30 years, Sandra and David Brand have developed a one-of-a-kind process and aesthetic in high quality silver work that incorporates both precision and fluidity. Creating pieces individually and collaboratively, Sandra and David employ a variety of complex and classic … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons artists, Debbie & Mike McGinnis

Debbie and Mike McGinnis (Beavercreek, Ohio) Woodworking October 25 – 30 Debbie and Mike McGinnis have been creating art for decades side by side as a husband and wife team.  Their woodwork – although different from each other – demonstrates the natural beauty of each wood type, using a variety of carving and lathe … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons artist, Alison Fawcett

Alison Fawcett (Dayton, Ohio) Ceramics and Jewelry October 18 – 23 Alison Fawcett draws, carves and forms porcelain into fine art, including functional ceramic work and jewelry.  Using hand painted techniques and intricate patterns, Fawcett’s details reflect the delicacy of her chosen material. Fawcett’s subject matter investigates our relationship with food culture. She wrote: … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons Artist, Priya Rama

Priya Rama (Mason, Ohio) Painting October 11 – 16 Movement and texture dance across the canvases of Priya Rama’s paintings.  Using jewel-tone colors, abstraction complements technique and concept. Rama paints in acrylics, using a variety of techniques to build up her layers of color, pattern and texture. Rama’s paintings are an extension of her … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons Artist, Loretta Wikstrom

Loretta Wikstrom (Centerville, Ohio) Mixed Media October 4 – 9 Inspired by her life of traveling and nature, Loretta Wikstrom’s artwork depicts quiet moments in landscapes and animal portraits. Using a variety of mixed media, such as watercolor, acrylic, inks and colored pencils, her work shows a range of colors, emotions and techniques. Driven by … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons Artist, Yetunde Rodriguez

Yetunde Rodriguez (Dayton, Ohio) Textiles September 27 – October 2 Incorporating bold colors and patterns into her compositions, Yetunde Rodriguez explores the graphic nature of print in her artwork.  The results are lively and visually impactful wall hangings, pillow covers, plant holders, clothing and more.  Trained as a graphic designer, Rodriguez taps into … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons Artist, Sharon Stolzenberger

Sharon Stolzenberger (Kettering, Ohio) Mixed Media Featured September 20 – 25 A long-time Art on the Commons artist, Sharon Stolzenberger creates densely textured paintings that incorporating her love of animals and nature.  Using watercolors as her primary medium, she often will transform her compositions through collage, stenciling, and patterning. The resulting artworks offer new narratives … Continued

Meet Art on the Commons Artist, Dan Cleary

Dan Cleary is a photographer based in the Dayton area, whose commercial work has made Cleary Creative Photography a staple for capturing life’s moments for over 30 years.  Cleary has expanded his practice to include fine art processes, and his digital artwork series, My Wright Brothers: Then and Now, explores the past and present of … Continued

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