Ali Hval (Iowa City, IA) Sculpture and Installation
Jesse Egner (Brooklyn, NY) Photography
November 28  – January 6, 2023
Ali Hval’s largescale work explores her sensuality through “a balancing act between the sensuality of forms and the innocence and playfulness of the materials I use.”

Jesse Egner explores his identity through images where “photographs do not offer concrete narratives of identity, rather, they present fragmented narratives that exist in a space between reality and fantasy, reflecting the transitional space of queerness”.

The City of Kettering, Ohio and Rosewood Arts Center are proud to present the 2023 Exhibition Season at Rosewood Gallery.

Rosewood Gallery specializes in the exhibition of contemporary art by emerging local, regional and national artists. It is dedicated to the encouragement and creation of new works and to the promotion of the visual arts in the Dayton, Ohio area. Six solo exhibitions are presented along with three signature juried exhibitions, The Dayton/Kyoto International Print Exchange Exhibition, and the second ceramics invitational, Earth Transformed. Rosewood Gallery is supported by the City of Kettering Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts and the Ohio Arts Council.

January 16 – February 24

Works on Paper is a juried exhibition created for artists living within a 40-mile radius of Dayton, Ohio. The exhibition features two-and three-dimensional works of art on or of paper. Artist awards totaling $1,100 will be selected by the juror and gallery visitors will select a People’s Choice Award made possible through the Joan W. McCoy Memorial Art Fund.

March 6 – April 14

Earth Transformed features six innovative and skilled ceramic artists from the region including Richard James, Justin Paikreese, Kelsey Dunkan, Dallas Wooten, Shoko Teruyama and Carol Snyder. Creating both functional objects and sculptures, these renowned artists transform clay through a diverse range of techniques, ideas and intentions. From imagined insect-like specimens to representations of the human condition, they push the boundaries of what is obtainable with clay while maintaining the highest levels of craft and precision.

Muscle Memory Collective is a collaboration between artist Joshua R. Clark and photographer Bree Lamb. Their work shares a fascination with that which captures our attention for surface reasons, yet manifests within the subconscious, veiled desires of human psychology. Through the pairings of referential and uncanny objects and images, the artists seek to create surface visions bound in expectation, excess, and desire, offering complex reflections of a capitalist American landscape. Viewers are beckoned by bright, glossy facades and are able to recognize and engage with familiar visual cues, yet the tone of the work quietly vacillates between adoration and critique. Through this juxtaposition, Muscle Memory creates an environment where the viewer is encouraged to consider the intersection of commodity, fantasy and social currency, as well as the significance of our daily observations and exchanges.

Facing the Forgotten: Portrait of Mass Incarceration
Something Precious to the Earth
April 24 – May 26

Carolyn Harper’s work consists of hand-sewn, large quilts, often with hand-dyed fabric; and hand-embroidered batik portraits. They provide very large, graphic images that call attention to those forgotten by society. They are visible markers that shout out: 'Look at me! See me!'

Sarah Nguyen’s storytelling is central to this series of cut-fiber panels. The blade-cut, intricate compositions are mostly landscape based and feature symbolic motifs—flora, fauna, and an ever-changing moon—to elicit childhood memories of myths, fables, and folklore.

June 12 – July 14

Showcasing both contemporary and traditional approaches to landscape art, The View is an annual, juried exhibition open to Ohio artists working in any medium. Among the topics explored are nature, environmental themes and world issues. Artist awards totaling $1,100 will be selected by the juror and gallery visitors will select a People’s Choice Award made possible through the Joan W. McCoy Memorial Art Fund.

July 24 – August 25

In an exhibition entitled Microplastics, Benjamin Montague photographs materials defined as plastics smaller than 5mm. These are generally created by non-recycled plastics gradually breaking down into tiny fragments which enter our watersheds and, eventually, our food system. The objects in these photographs were collected from various water and soil samples from both urban and rural rivers, lakes and oceans.

Jonathan McFadden creates prints and installations that interpret and process narratives from social media interactions to create site-specific art.

September 5 – October 7

HWD (Height, Width, Depth) is an annual, juried exhibition of three-dimensional work, featuring sculptors in any medium from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. $1,600 in artist awards will be selected by the juror.

October 16 – November 17

Art Ed began in 2011 at Rosewood Gallery as a way to celebrate our local art educators. People’s Choice Awards are made possible through the Joan W. McCoy Memorial Art Fund.

MEG LAGODZKI (Bloomington, IN)
Everyday Life
December 1 – January 5

Through painting, drawing and collage, Meg Lagodzki creates her own “iconography of images that tell a story of my relationship to the Midwest landscape.”

The Dayton/Kyoto Print Exchange grew out of friendships and studies in printmaking in 2002 and involves a yearly exchange of prints between Kyoto, Japan print-based artists and artists at the Dayton Printmakers Co-op. Each year, a different theme is chosen. The theme for 2023 is Everyday Life.

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