30th Annual The View Juried Landscape Exhibition
On view June 10 - July 20
Closing Reception: Saturday, July 20, 1 - 3 pm

The View is a juried exhibition for artists living in Ohio and working in all media. This year, 118 individual artists submitted a total of 297 pieces. From these the juror, Jessimi Jones, selected 52 pieces representing 52 artists for the exhibition. Jones also selected the winners of awards totaling $1,100. Three $100 People’s Choice Awards will be presented by the Joan W. McCoy Memorial Art Fund at the conclusion of the exhibition.

Michelle BonDurant
Yui Chen

Left to right: Michele BonDurant, Gather Often on the Lawn, 2023, acrylic painted cut paper; Yiyun Chen, Snow day, 2023, pigment print

Participating artists include Gerry Bedel, Todd Berry, Gary Birch, Michele BonDurant, Cynthia Bornhorst-Winslow, Greg Buening, Andrea Bullmaster, Mary Callaway, William Campbell, Judith Charves, Yiyun Chen, Dan Cleary, Allison Clements, Debbie Cosenza, Linda Crouch-Roepken, Shawn Digity, Diane Dover, Carol Edsall, Phillip Erbaugh, George Gonzalez, Kendall Hamilton, Linda Hart, Kenn Hetzel, Paige Holliday, Suzi Hyden, Deb Jones, Sydney Joslin-Knapp, Tessa Kalman, Mike Kozumplik, Daniel Landis, Tracy McElfresh, Renee Merland, Kristin Mitchell, Kathy A. Moore, Jane Nomura, Teresa Olavarria, Linda Phillips, Ivan Rocha, Francis Schanberger, Linda Shepard, Leslie Shiels, Nancy Simmons, Benjamin Sostrom, David Stichweh, Barb Stork, Douglas Taylor, Maria Valente-Hupp, Joanne Von Sossan, Terry Welker, Clinton Wood, Sarah Wrona and David Yeamans.

The juror, Jessimi Jones, wrote of the exhibition: "Landscapes have long been a central theme in art, offering a window into the natural world and our relationship with it. This exhibition, aptly titled The View, encapsulates the myriad ways artists perceive and portray their surroundings. From majestic mountains and quiet forests to urban environments and abstract interpretations, the works presented here are a testament to the versatility and depth of artistic vision for the world around us. They not only depict the beauty and diversity of our environment but also evoke deep emotions and provoke thoughtful reflection on our relationship with nature and the spaces we inhabit."

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