Kettering Arts Council

Applications for the Kettering Arts Council are now being accepted!  Download the  Kettering Arts Council Application Form or contact Rosewood at 296-0294 for more information!

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Kettering Arts Council 2017
Kettering Arts Council

NEW! The Kettering Arts Council presents The Arts Road Show, a visual presentation on the value of the arts in Kettering! The Arts Road Show is appropriate for service groups, businesses and other institutions in the region interested in learning about the impact of the arts. To learn about The Arts Road Show, contact Rosewood Arts Centre at (937) 296-0294 or email

Kettering Arts Council Meetings

Meetings take place every third Tuesday of the month from 5 – 6:15 pm at Rosewood Arts Centre, 2655 Olson Drive, Kettering* (check front office for meeting room). *All meeting locations and dates are subject to change*

2018 Kettering Arts Council Members

Laura Arber
Jessica Barry, President
Susan Bennett
Mariesa Brewster
Sue Ellen Boesch
Christian Davell
Meghan Dillon, Secretary/Treasurer
Pat Higgins, Vice President
Alexis Ignatiou
Tracy McElfresh
Thom Meyer
Sandra Prell
Terry Schalnat
Shayna V. McConville, Cultural Arts Manager, City of Kettering


Kettering Arts Council Spotlight Series

susan bennett KAC member profile: Susan Bennett
meghan dillon KAC member profile: Meghan Dillon
 thom meyer KAC member profile: Thom Meyer
 tracy KAC member profile: Tracy McElfresh
 jessica barry  KAC member profile: Jessica Barry

About the Kettering Arts Council

The Kettering Arts Council is a 15 member citizen advisory committee comprised of local artists, art educators, community leaders, and those who truly appreciate the arts. The Kettering Arts Council, in partnership and collaboration with the community, strives to provide access to the arts for all ages, encourage a passion for the arts, and promote art appreciation and education. The Arts Council promotes and enhances an awareness and appreciation of Kettering arts.

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