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Sunday softball games at Delco Park are canceled.

CitySites Permanent Collection

Ohio artist Barry Gunderson created the first CitySites artwork in 2000.  Since then, CitySites has hosted an international stone sculpture symposium, added works by world-renowned artists, and made art accessible for all Kettering residents. For a map of CitySites sculptures and their locations, please scroll down.

Nature's Interplay

Detail of Nature’s Interplay; artists Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl at the Habitat Environmental Education Center, 2016

Willis ‘Bing’ Davis
Ancestral Spirit Dance #259, 1999
Oil pastel on rag board
Location: Kettering Government Center South

One of Dayton’s most celebrated artists, Willis ‘Bing’ Davis knew that he wanted to be an artist as an elementary school student. Influenced by his community, Davis has striven to celebrate humanity and creativity through his own artwork, teaching others, and activism through art and culture. A true advocate for arts education and its impact on youth, Davis has been instrumental in regional initiatives to bring art to people of all walks of life. “In my works, I’m concerned with taking a given medium and making a personal statement based on my perception, observations and response to my environment,” Davis wrote. Beginning in the 1970s, Davis reflected his experiences traveling to West Africa through the Ancestral Spirit Dance artwork series. “I attempt to blend my love for traditional African textiles, as reflected by the geometric patterns in the background, with my urban life experience which is symbolized by the improvisation or abstract gestural movement of a jazz soloist,” wrote Davis. “When I view the completed art work, I see it as a visual prayer of thanks for those on whose shoulders I stand…and dance for joy.”

Davis received his B.A. from DePauw University and M.Ed. from Miami University, and also attended the School of the Dayton Art Institute. He has exhibited internationally, including at the Studio Museum in Harlem, American Craft Museum, Renwick Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Savannah College of Art and Design, National Museum of Art of Senegal West Africa, U.S. Embassy Accra, Ghana, and Museum fur Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany.

Hamilton Dixon
Motion, 2015
Location: Kettering Government Center South







Hamilton Dixon has created forged steel sculptures throughout the Dayton area, and his artwork is collected in numerous private and public commissions.

“The most fluid design is sometimes the most complex thing to make—that’s what fun to me—to make a piece of steel look like it is a flowing, organic shape,” said Dixon. “There is a lot of satisfaction in that, and it gives me a feeling of worth.”

Dixon began welding metal on an offshore oil rig in the 1980s, and continued to learn metal working techniques at the Turley Forge School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He relocated to Dayton in the early 1990s and has since created three-dimensional artworks at major landmarks in the region, including at the Dayton Art Institute, the Dayton International Airport, the University of Dayton, and more.  His practice includes functional works, sculpture and jewelry.

Rosewood Mural Team 2022Blooming Through the Waves, 2022

Artist: Atalie Gagnet
Assistant: Chase Melendez
Apprentices: Yara Chaouali, Haley Franklin, Lily Rueckhaus

As part of Rosewood Arts Center’s renovation project, which is currently underway, a community mural now adorns the exterior of the building. Designed by Atalie Gagnet, the mural was made possible through a special partnership with the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative (DPC), students in the Kettering City Schools, and Kettering residents. Three Fairmont High School students  were chosen from a pool of 21 applicants from across the Miami Valley to apprentice with Atalie and paint the mural. The apprentices are Fairmont High School 2022 graduates Yara Chaouali and Haley Franklin and rising senior Lily Rueckhaus (mural apprentices pictured, left).

Titling the work, Yara wrote: “I came up with Blooming Through the Waves because I feel like it encompasses both parts of the wave and the flowers. It shows the flowers blooming through the colorful waves. I kind of like to think of it like the flowers bloomed in the waves despite the adversity it faced. Kind of like a community together.”

Blooming Through the Waves was commissioned by CitySites Public Art Program with the City of Kettering with support from the Ohio Arts Council and the Montgomery County Arts and Culture District.

View more information about the project.

Ridgeway Road Bridge

Cliff Garten Studio
Foliage, 2021
Stainless steel
Location: Ridgeway Road over West Dorothy Lane

The City of Kettering replaced the Ridgeway Road Bridge and commissioned Cliff Garten Studio (Venice, CA) to integrate artwork into the project site. Cliff Garten Studio, or CGS, designed the artwork to reflect the flowing landscape of Hills & Dales MetroPark and Kettering, particularly the view to the west. The fluid movement of the fence lines and the luminaire sculptures mimic leaves caught in a gentle breeze. Foliage demonstrates the belief that design of infrastructure to serve the needs of the public should also be visually engaging, creating a memorable place and a specific identity for the community it serves.

Foliage was commissioned by CitySites Public Art Program with the City of Kettering.

road rendering

View a portfolio of the CGS bridge design

Foliage was installed in August 2021. The Ridgeway Road Bridge is complete, with landscaping taking place in Spring/Summer 2022.

Project Team

Artists: Cliff Garten, Founder, Director of Design and Matt Gilio-Tenan, Principal in Charge
Metalwork Fabrication and Installation: Kevin Maag, Metal Arts Foundry
CitySites Project Manager: Shayna V. McConville
City Engineering Staff: Steve Bergstresser and Todd Livesay
Engineering Design: Craig Schrader, EMH&T, Inc.
Construction: Joe Raterman, Monty Meyer, Brumbaugh Construction
Lighting: Debra Rettich, Vincent Lighting Systems

About the Artwork
From 2018 through 2019, the City and CGS collected feedback from residents adjacent to the bridge as well as in public forums, and conducted interviews with Kettering residents, the Kettering Arts Council, and the Art in Public Places Committee. CGS worked closely with the project engineers and Kettering staff to incorporate the values and ideas shared in this process and create a long-lasting, visually dynamic new bridge.

With a focus on creating a place for the community, the new Ridgeway Road Bridge design “Foliage” reflects the surrounding landscape of Hills and Dale Metro Park and the flowing hills of Kettering, particularly of the view west from the bridge. The fluid movement of the fence lines and the sculptures mimic leaves caught in a gentle breeze.  With the addition of plazas on the north and south side of the bridge, pedestrians and vehicles will experience a unique crossing and gathering place. Garten wrote: “Our infrastructure should both serve our needs and be visually engaging and memorable in a single breath.”

About Cliff Garten Studio

cliff garten headshotCliff Garten has received prestigious Individual Artist Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Bush Foundation Fellowship for Individual Artists, the Bush Foundation Leadership Fellowship, and the Jerome Foundation Travelling Artist Grant. His civic sculptures have consistently been named best in the nation by The Americans for the Arts Public Art Network and have been cited for design excellence by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Garten has served as a visiting professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, UCLA School of Architecture, Otis Art Institute, and SCI-Arc. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Landscape Architecture with Distinction from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Garten lives and works in Venice, California. Learn more about Garten’s work at

Goodacre Dog
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Glenna Goodacre
Old Man and His Dog, installed 2007
Location: Lincoln Park Civic Commons

Old Man and His Dog is from Glenna Goodacre’s series entitled Park Place from an edition of 16.

Goodacre choose her models for her sculptures from people she knows around her hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The dog in Old Man and His Dog was modeled from a mixed lab owned by Glenna Goodacre’s business manager; the old man was modeled after Don Blair, a 90-year old Santa Fe resident.

Nationally recognized, Goodacre is most well-known for her representational bronze sculptures including the Women’s Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.  and the Sacagawea dollar coin design commissioned by the United States Treasury Department.

Goodacre Ollie
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Glenna Goodacre
Ollie, installed 2007
Location: Rob Dyrek /DC Shoes Skate Plaza

Ollie is a larger-than-life skater frozen in a skate maneuver of the same name. This bronze piece is from Glenna Goodacre’s series entitled Sidewalk Society and is an edition of 5.

Nationally recognized, Goodacre is most well-known for her representational bronze sculptures including the Women’s Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.  and the Sacagawea dollar coin design commissioned by the United States Treasury Department.

Goodacre Runner
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Glenna Goodacre
The Runner, installed 2007
Location: Lincoln Park Civic Commons

The Runner is a bronze are from Glenna Goodacre’s series entitled Park Place and is from an edition of 16.

Nationally recognized, Goodacre is most well-known for her representational bronze sculptures including the Women’s Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.  and the Sacagawea dollar coin design commissioned by the United States Treasury Department.

Barry Gunderson
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Barry Gunderson
Song and Dance, 2000
Aluminum, Brick Pavers and Concrete
Location: Lincoln Park Civic Commons

Barry Gunderson’s sculpture Song and Dance features a choreographed arrangement of four 16-foot tall figures. One hand on the ground, one high in the air, bodies arched, these figures salute all who enter the Commons area. The sculpture honors the many who exercise, fish or just take a stroll through Lincoln Park, those on the way to a concert or performance at the Fraze Pavilion.

Barry Gunderson resides in Gambier, Ohio, where he teaches sculpture in the Art Department at Kenyon College. Gunderson received a Bachelor of Arts from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He has had sculptures commissioned throughout the U.S. and extensively in Ohio.


elizabeth hertz

Elizabeth Hertz 
Untitled, 1983
Corten steel
Location: Polen Farm

The Egg
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl
EGG, 2010
Concrete, ceramic, glaze, glass
Location: J.F. Kennedy Park, Kettering

Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl worked with the community surrounding Kennedy Park in Kettering to design a larger-than-life egg, covered in hand-made mosaic tiles.

Through a public meeting, Kennedy Park neighbors and  Kettering residents planned the theme of the project to reflect the adjacent historic site of Polen Farm.  Individuals expressed their desire to reflect their memories of the farm and what the park means to them today.

A series of over a dozen community, public school, and adult special needs workshops were conducted for all ages.  A total of 1500 tiles were produced by 500 individuals and permanently attached to the form.

Beth Hoyoke and Käthi Seidl are artists living and working in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Holyoke is a Yellow Springs native and studied sculpture at Georgia State in Atlanta, and has taught across the region, including at Earlham College, Mills Lawn Elementary, the Dayton Art Institute. Seidl was born in Munich, Germany and learned pottery at John Bryan Community Pottery studio when she moved to Yellow Springs in the 1990s.

Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl
Nature’s Interplay, 2016
Concrete, aluminum, ceramic, glaze, glass
Location: Habitat Environmental Center, 3036 Bellflower Street, Kettering

Artists Beth Holyoke and Käthi Seidl designed, fabricated and installed a permanent, site-specific artwork at the Habitat Environmental Center, incorporating approximately 120 aluminum tiles created by Kettering City School students. The following thematic concepts were included: nature, sustainability, interactivity and functionality for park visitors.

A scavenger hunt for animals, plants, trees and insects hidden within the artwork can be viewed here!

Nature's Interplay

This project began in 2013, when over 100 students from several Kettering City Schools created images in sandcast molds, incorporating animals, insects and plants. These images were cast in aluminum, creating tiles with three-dimensional reliefs, in a special workshop at Rosewood Arts Centre in Kettering, Ohio. Artists Holyoke and Seidl responded by creating nature inspired ceramic tiles that incorporated the students images, and embedding all into a unified landscape and sitting area.

Thank you to the Kettering City Schools and art instructors Susan Bennett, Patti Boone, Mark Harris, Lindsey Gustafson and Michele Clark, along with the students of Southdale Elementary, Kettering Middle School, Van Buren Middle School and Fairmont High School. Thank you to Dawn Kraker, Esther Mata and Greenmont Elementary students. Additional thanks to artists Jon Barlow Hudson and Bernie Carreño, the incredible staff of Rosewood Arts Centre and the Habitat Environmental Education Center, the City of Kettering’s Parks Department, the City of Kettering’s Art in Public Places Committee, Mayor Patterson and Kettering City Council.

Interior Animal

Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Erika Inger (Austria and Italy)
The Interior Animal, 2002
Indiana Limestone and Steel
Location: Polen Farm

Erika Inger’s work The Interior Animal is a rough-cut block of stone, untouched from the quarry except for the graduating metal discs forming a backbone shape over the stone. The variation of sizes of the metal discs form a musical tone if fanned by hand.

Erika Inger was born in Tscherms and currently lives and works in Vienna and Lana, South Tyrol, Italy. She has studied art at the Academy of Bildenden Kunste Ravenna in Stuttgart, Austria. Her studies have included work in Africa, India and Italy. Erika has participated in international artists symposia since 1987 in Austria and Italy. Among her public artwork, Erika Inger has permanent work in Italy, Austria and South Korea.

Patty Wack, Patty Wack
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Dale Johnson
Whack, Whack, Paddy Whack, 2002
Indiana Limestone
Location: Kettering Recreation Complex

Dale Johnson’s “Whack, Whack, Paddy Whack ,” was created as a part of 2002’s Kettering Rocks! stone sculpture symposium. Assisted  by Jack Oliver, this playful ten-foot structure depicts the tension between a cat, a dog and a child, all standing on a turtle’s back.

Dale Johnson lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, and oversees the stone shop Old World Stone Carving. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the California College of Arts and Crafts. He has also studied arts at the University of California in Berkeley, Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State and the University of Minnesota. Johnson has been commissioned to complete work in stone for the Thurber House in Columbus, Dublin/Coffman High School in Dublin, Sullivan/Bruck Architects in Columbus, the Cities of Dublin and Columbus. His work can also be seen in New York City, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Hanover, Indiana.

Katherine Kadish
Katherine Kadish

Katherine Kadish (Yellow Springs, Ohio)
Summer Garden, 2013
Spring Garden, 2013
Autumn Garden I and II, 2013
Location: CitySites Collection, Government Center South Building, Lower Level

Katherine Kadish has exhibited her paintings and prints since the early 1970s around the world, including in museums and galleries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Inspired by nature, light, color and gesture, her work references calligraphy and expressionism. Drawing from her imagination and from the world around her, Kadish references “a remembered place, an arrangement of shapes, a particular sky or an emotional state.”

Kadish received her B.F.A. in painting and design from Carnegie Mellon University and her M.A. in art history from the University of Chicago. Kadish has exhibited her work internationally in addition to having been awarded a number of prestigious fellowships and residencies. Her work is included in collections around the world including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the New York Public Library. The artist lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and maintains her studio in an 1873 schoolhouse in Clifton and works regularly in New York City.

mutual homesVirginia Kistler (Gahanna, OH)
Mutual Homes, 2018
Stainless steel
Location: Oak Park

Mutual Homes reflects the meaning of home to Oak Park residents. Kistler was inspired by the characteristics of Oak Park’s 1945 Cape Cod-style homes, the history of the neighborhood, and the words and images shared by its residents today. Kistler found the manufacturing aspect of the neighborhood history integral to the artwork, as Oak Park was developed across from the DELCO Plant (Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company). Mutual Homes includes a lenticular patterning of relevant images including Charles F. Kettering, who co-founded DELCO, including a 1912 Cadillac Model 30, the first car to have an electric start, which Kettering developed; a light system created for farmers in rural areas by DELCO; and B-24 bombers, whose parts were manufactured at DELCO. In addition, Kistler facilitated hands-on workshops and conversations with children, residents and veterans to capture the values and spirit of the Oak Park neighborhood. The imagery embedded in the sidewalk are the words and drawings by participants.

This artwork was commissioned by the City of Kettering CitySites, a percent for art program.

Mutual Homes was made possible by the generosity and partnerships with many Kettering residents and organizations, including the Oak Park art selection committee; Tim and Martha Baxter; Kettering’s Cities of Service and Art in Public Places committees; Greenmont Oak Park Community Church; Greenmont Elementary School and the PTO; VFW 9927; and Dayton History. Our appreciation to the City of Kettering Engineering Department, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department, and Mayor Patterson and the Kettering City Council.  Support for this project was made possible by CitySites, the Community Foundation for Kettering and the Ohio Arts Council.

View and download more information.

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Jean Koeller
Jean Koeller, Great Mulberry Tree, 2013, oil on canvas

Jean Koeller (Dayton, Ohio)
Great Mulberry Tree, 2013
Fraze Park, 2013
Passing, 2013

Oil on canvas
Location: CitySites Collection, Government Center North Building, Upper Level

Jean Koeller is a remarkable Dayton-area painter whose numerous commissions, exhibitions, presence in private and public collections, artist awards and her commercial gallery representation has established her as a significant regional artist.

Jean Koeller Painting
Jean Koeller, Fraze Park, 2013, oil on canvas

Koeller received her BFA from Wright State University and her MFA from Parsons School of Design in New York. She has participated in the prestigious residency program Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and has received Individual Artist Fellowship Awards from the Ohio Arts Council and Montgomery County. Her work is found in many collections including the Evansville Museum of Art, Ohio Supreme Court, Kettering Hospital, University of Dayton, and the Springfield Museum of Art. She is currently represented by Keny Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

Jean Koeller Passing
Jean Koeller, Passing, 2013, oil on canvas

Tess Little Friendship Arch

Tess Little (Fairborn, OH)
Friendship Arch, 2011
Stainless steel
Location: Wenzler Park

Tess Little created Friendship Arch with over 250 participants from the Kettering community in 2010 and 2011.  This 12 foot, stainless steel arch and two accompanying benches exhibit the hands traced by the participants with their individualized symbols.

Tess Little
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Little is a faculty member at Sinclair Community College and the founder and coordinator of REACH, an annual symposium promoting cross-cultural understanding and education between the African American, Appalachian, Latino, Native American, and all other ethnic communities in the Miami Valley area.

Erin McIntyre Stained Glass
Erin McIntyre, Untitled, 2010, Stained Glass

Erin McIntyre
Untitled, 2010
Stained Glass
Location: CitySites Collection, Government Center South Building, Main Entrance

Erin McIntyre’s primary interest lies in movement and composition through thick and thin lines, colors and shapes, and her stained glass artworks are inspired by the environments they inhabit. “Glass has a unique quality of transparency which changes throughout a day…bright sun reveals colors, evening shadows reveal the patterns and lines,” she wrote. “My pieces, like good architecture, are always constructed with a specific place in mind.”

Erin McIntyre Stained Glass
Installation of Erin McIntyre’s Untitled, 2010

Using the architecture of the Government Center as well as elements from the city and nature nearby, McIntyre’s process was inspired by the seasons and cycles.  “In designing this window, I tried not to compete with the building, but work with it and pick up where the architect, Eugene Betz, had left off,” she wrote. “The existing mullion pattern with its strong diagonals and center oculus point to the outside, giving you a peek of the natural realm around us…The movement circles and cycles, like the seasons–there is no beginning or end, only progress.”

Erin received her Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  Through architecture, she discovered her love of glass, inspired by shape, volume, context and style.

Jes McMillan (Dayton, OH)
Bee Ambitious, 2019
Porcelain ceramic tiles, concrete
Location: Haverstick neighborhood

sidewalk bee bee hopscotch

Jes McMillan, founder of the Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton, created a series of permanent sidewalk games for the Haverstick neighborhood of Kettering. McMillan saw an opportunity to engage children in outdoor recreation through her art and address the lack of a public park within the neighborhood. Installed in the summer of 2019, the public artwork “Bee Ambitious” is a collaboration with Haverstick residents, students from Beavertown Elementary and Kettering Middle School, and Kettering families and artists.

For details on the mosaic locations and sidewalk games, including game directions and word scramble clues, visit


Support for this project is made possible by CitySites, the Community Foundation for Kettering and the Ohio Arts Council. ArtLocal is implemented in partnership with Cities of Service (COS).  Special thanks to the Haverstick artist committee; Kettering’s Cities of Service team and the Art in Public Places committee. Our appreciation to the City of Kettering staff including Chad Ingle, Todd Livesay, Tom Luckett, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts department, and Mayor Donald Patterson and the Kettering City Council.  We are also thankful to the greater community for helping this project happen, including David Zimmerman, Kim Haverstick, Rachael Foster, Amelia Petreman, Ileana Del Campo-Gray, and Haverstick residents Wil and Beverly Samson, Andrew and Megan Kraemer, Mike Hill, Carissa Hostetler, Judy Reitz, Ashley Alexander Morris, Stan Perry, Tamara and Christopher Ball, and Debbie Smith.

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Untitled - Minekov

Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Velislav Minekov (Bulgaria)
Untitled, 2002
Indiana Limestone
Location: Indian Riffle Park

Velislav Minekov’s Untitled sculpture weighs approximately 13,500 pounds and depicts a recurring theme from his artwork, incorporating stalactites which are leg and foot extensions sandwiched between a parted egg shape. The whimsical nature of his work is well known throughout Bulgaria.

Velislav Minekov was born and resides in Sofia, Bulgaria. He received an undergraduate degree in the arts from the National Lyceum of Fine Arts in 1978 and Masters of Arts in Sculpture from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. As a student, he held a position as Visiting Student in Hamburg, Germany, at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has also served as senior lecturer and Assistant Professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts for six years.

His work is included in private collections and exhibitions in Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Morocco. He is very active in the arts global community and is presently a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers. He is a board member of the Professional Sculptors in Bulgaria, member of the Union of Professional Artists in Germany, and Special Commission for Monuments and Sculpture in Bulgaria.

Terrestrial Formation
Terrestrial Formation
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Irma Ortega Perez (Spain)
Terrestrial Formation, 2002
Indiana Limestone
Location: Governor’s Place

Spanish artist Irma Ortega Perez completed her 16,800 pound stone, “Terrestrial Formation” as a part of 2002’s Kettering Rocks! stone sculpture symposium. Perez has spent years developing a series of formations on the growth and development of urban centers and urban infastructure systems, particularly in her hometown of Mexico City. The stone itself reflects the growing formation of a sewer grate, evolving to this beautiful and symmetrical elongated shape. The repetition of the colorful pavers and rolling mounds of precision planting in the park was designed to reflect the flow of water or a river.

Irma Ortega Perez was born in Mexico and currently resides in Valencia, Spain. Irma received her certificate from the National School of Plastic Arts in Mexico City, Mexico. She received a Master’s Degree in Sculpture from the Division of Studies of Graduate’s degree in San Carlos, Mexico. Irma was also awarded a full scholarship for a Doctorate degree in Twentieth Century Sculpture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, which she completed in 2001.

Perez has received numerous honors and awards throughout Mexico and Spain. She was awarded a scholarship of artistic production from the Young Creative National Fund for the Culture and the Arts in Mexico City and a scholarship for Foreign Students in Valencia Spain from the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation. Irma Ortega Perez was chosen to participate in numerous international symposia in countries such as Mexico, Austria, Cuba, Germany and Spain. Her work has been commissioned and collected both privately and publicly in Mexico and Spain.

Inner View

Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Carolina Ramersdorfer (Austria)
Inner View, 2002
Indiana Limestone
Location: Rosewood Arts Centre

Carolina Ramersdorfer’s sculpture Inner View incorporates the partnering of organic and geometric forms with a hard-edge cube revealing an inner space where transformation of thought can develop.

Carolina Ramersdorfer resides and works in Wein, Austria. In 1979, she began studying art in Paris, France. She later studied fresco restoration in Florence and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy. She completed her thesis for a graduate degree in Sculpture and Environment. Carolina received scholarships for work in Japan from the Austrian Ministry of Art and Education. She also received funding from the Federal Chancellery Vienna for Project Carambolage, an arts and cultural exchange with Caribbean West Indies.

Carolina Ramersdorfer has been involved in international sculpture symposia since 1986 and has participated in events and exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Taiwan. Her work is in permanent collections in Japan and Austria. Carolina has participated in international sculpture stone symposia in Italy, Austria, Japan, Taiwan, the Czech Republic and Canada.


Mary Rogero
RTA Bus Stops, 2007
Location: Throughout Kettering

Dayton-based artist and architect, Mary Rogero served as a principal architect with Rogero Buckman Architects during the time in which the RTA Bus Stops were created. Rogero’s background in both fine art sculpture and architectural design made her natural fit to design a series of bus stop shelters with the goal of creating a cohesive landscape within the Kettering community.

The shelters are linear in form and incorporate Kettering’s signature color of deep red. They are constructed of welded steel, which was provided by Budde Sheet Metal of Dayton and fabricated under Rogero’s supervision.

Schantz Avenue Bridge

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks            
Schantz, 2020
Corten steel
Location: West Schantz Avenue and South Dixie Avenue

The City of Kettering replaced the Schantz Avenue Bridge and commissioned Vicki Scuri SiteWorks (Lake Forest Park, WA) to integrate artwork into the project site. Scuri designed the steel fencing and adjacent tower to be a visible gateway for those entering and leaving the city. The steel’s decorative patterning was inspired by the historic trolleys that originally ran north to south along present-day Dixie Drive and the ornamentation of the historic cash registers manufactured nearby. Of the design, Scuri wrote: “The artwork…promote[s] a more livable environment and celebrate[s] Kettering and its residents.”

Schantz was commissioned by CitySites Public Art Program with the City of Kettering.

Vicki Scuri SiteWorks: Schantz Avenue Bridge, Kettering

Thank you to the City of Kettering leadership including Mayor Patterson and City Council, the Art in Public Places Committee, the Kettering Arts Council and Kettering stakeholders Jerry Spangler (Exhibit Concepts), Corey Miller (Kettering City Schools), Tess Cortes (The Modern College of Design), Eva Buttacavoli (The Contemporary Dayton), Brady Kress (Dayton History) and Rick Meade (Calvary Cemetery) for their advisement on this project.

Project Team
Artists: Vicki Scuri, Vicki Scuri SiteWorks with Alexandr Polzin
CitySites Project Manager: Shayna V. McConville
City Engineering Staff: John Sliemers and Todd Livesay
Engineering Design: Steve Butler, IBI Group, Inc.
Construction: Sean Wade, Scott Brown, Eagle Bridge Company
Metalwork: Scott Schauffele, C.M. Steel, Inc.
Lighting: Debra Rettich, Vincent Lighting Systems

About the Project
The City of Kettering CitySites Public Art Program is proud to announce the selection of Vicki Scuri SiteWorks (Lake Forest Park, WA) for the design of a permanent artwork on the Schantz Avenue Bridge. Scuri’s extensive public art experience, community engagement practices and innovative methods of art integration into public infrastructure projects contributed to her winning proposal.

Through an extensive review process, Kettering’s Art in Public Places Committee and a panel of residents and community stakeholders reviewed 94 artist submissions from around the world. Four semi-finalists were selected through various criteria including artistic excellence and the potential to create a signature piece for Kettering. Over the course of several months, the semi-finalists visited the bridge, met with City of Kettering staff, and interviewed residents to develop ideas for aesthetic enhancements to the site.

Scuri’s proposal includes pattern designs derived from the stained-glass of the trolley cars that ran along Dixie, and past and present stories, events and inventions discovered during her research and interviews. The proposal also addresses the required addition of a security fence on the bridge, which Scuri designed as a marker, or gateway, into Kettering to be experienced both entering and leaving the city.

Rock Waves
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

Anno Seiberts (Germany)
Rock Waves, 2002
Indiana Limestone
Location: Delco Park

German artist Anno Seiberts’ 26,000 pound sculpture Rock Waves simulates wave formations on the face and the rear of the stone and is repeated in the ripple effects of the water at its location by the pond at Delco Park. The setting surrounding the monolithic sculpture includes plant beds, fishing pier and a walking path.

Anno Sieiberts was born in Solingen, Germany, and currently resides in Ettenheim. He studied stone carving in Wurzburg, Germany, and art studies in Italy, France and Germany. Anno received a Masters of Art in stone sculpting in Freiberg, Germany, in 1989 and has been producing as a professional artist from that date. Seiberts has participated in symposiums since 1995 in both Germany and France. His material is centered on stone as well as steel and wood.

Untitled - Ushio

Keizo Ushio (Japan)
Untitled, 2002
Indiana Limestone
Location: Lincoln Park Civic Commons

Japanese artist Keizo Ushio’s stone carving is recognized throughout the world for his mastery of the difficult technique in carving intertwining ribbons of stone and three-dimensional circles. This Indiana Limestone sculpture of intertwining ribbon of limestone incorporates the symbol of love.

Keizo Ushio was born and currently resides in Fukusaki Town, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Keizo is a member of the Japan Artists Association and the Hyogo Prefecture Sculptor Association. He lectured at the Kyoto Educational University and Awaji Architecture School. In addition to these accomplishments, he was vice chair and coordinator for the Nisiharima International Stone Sculpture Symposium in 1995 in Japan.

Keizo Ushio has been awarded numerous honors for his sculptures, which reside in countries such as Japan, India, Spain, Australia, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Bondi and Tasman Island.

John Van Alstine
Image courtesy of Mark Flatch

John Van Alstine
Memorial for 9/11, 2002
Indiana Limestone and Painted Steel
Location: Lincoln Park Civic Commons

Artist John Van Alstine create the piece “Memorial for 9/11” with a gathering and sitting space for the community. The 26,600 pound sculpture is also a solar calendar, allowing the solar noon sun to line up with the stylus on the monument each year on September 11.

John Van Alstine is a professional sculptor living in Wells, New York. He received a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in 1976 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, in 1974. He has received numerous awards, fellowship grants and honors for his work from private and public sources as well as internationally. His work is among public and private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad. His book has been published illustrating the sculpture and progress over the years entitled Bones of the Earth, Spirit of the Land written by Nick Capasso. His work has been displayed in solo exhibitions, both domestically and in international galleries since 1976.

9-11-2011 Event ImageOn September 11, 2011 and 2016, City of Kettering officials, police and firefighters gathered for a special commemoration of the 10th and 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The agenda included remarks by Kettering’s mayor and city manager, as well as presentations by community members from Kettering City Schools, We Care Arts and other organizations. Ceremonies honoring our nation’s flag were conducted by fire and police department representatives.


Kettering Rocks!

International Stone Sculpting Exposition 

Kettering Rocks!

Held at Delco Park, in September 2002, the international stone symposium, Kettering Rocks! was a tremendous success. CitySites and the Art in Public Places committee commissioned the project. Each of the eight international artists had 20 days to complete the limestone sculptures.

The artists’ works are now installed throughout public spaces in the City of Kettering. You can view the sculptures at Delco Park, Rosewood Arts Center, Polen Farm, Governor’s Place, and more.

A 24-page, full color catalog is available from the 2002 International Stone Sculpting Exposition. To get a catalog or for further information, please contact Rosewood Arts Center.

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