Rosewood Community Mural and Apprentice Program

Rosewood Mural Team 2022

Blooming Through the Waves, 2022

Artist: Atalie Gagnet
Assistant: Chase Melendez
Apprentices: Yara Chaouali, Haley Franklin, Lily Rueckhaus

As part of Rosewood Arts Center’s renovation project, which is currently underway, a community mural now adorns the exterior of the building. Designed by Atalie Gagnet, the mural was made possible through a special partnership with the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative (DPC), students in the Kettering City Schools, and Kettering residents. Three Fairmont High School students  were chosen from a pool of 21 applicants from across the Miami Valley to apprentice with Atalie and paint the mural. The apprentices are Fairmont High School 2022 graduates Yara Chaouali and Haley Franklin and rising senior Lily Rueckhaus (mural apprentices pictured, left).

Titling the work, Yara wrote: "I came up with Blooming Through the Waves because I feel like it encompasses both parts of the wave and the flowers. It shows the flowers blooming through the colorful waves. I kind of like to think of it like the flowers bloomed in the waves despite the adversity it faced. Kind of like a community together."

Blooming Through the Waves was commissioned by CitySites Public Art Program with the City of Kettering with support from the Ohio Arts Council and the Montgomery County Arts and Culture District.


Mural project featured on WDTN Channel 2

Rosewood Community Mural

The mural was designed through a partnership with the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative (DPC), students in the Kettering City Schools, Kettering residents and Atalie Gagnet, a professional mural artist. The DPC facilitated printmaking workshops with Lindsay Gustafson's Kettering Middle School Art Club and Meghan Dillon's Fairmont High School's International Baccalaureate students in October 2021, and community workshops  in November and December 2021 at Rosewood Arts Center and the Kettering Recreation Center. Utilizing the dialogues and artwork created through the workshops, Gagnet created a site-specific design and oversaw a team of teen mural apprentices on the mural installation in the summer 2022.

About our partners

abstract print
Kim Vito, Trellis, Intaglio

The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative (DPC) is a membership-based organization that provides specialized printmaking facilities to its members and educational opportunities to the public.  Kim Vito is currently a Professor of Printmaking and Drawing at Wright State, and exhibits her work regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Barbara Weinert-McBee  has participated in numerous local and regional exhibitions and has received numerous awards. Jaclyn Stephens is a multi-disciplinary artist who has exhibited across the Dayton region.  Micah Zavacky is a recent recipient of the Culture Works Artist Opportunity Grant, and has exhibited his work throughout the Dayton region.

Levitt Pavilion Mural
Atalie Gagnet, Levitt Pavilion Mural, 2021

Kettering City Schools students are participating through special in-class workshops with Lindsay Gustafson’s Art Club at Kettering Middle School, and Meghan Dillon’s International Baccalaureate students at Fairmont High School.

Atalie Gagnet is an artist and mural painter with over a decade of experience.  Her notable murals are numerous and include commissioned works with the Levitt Pavilion, the Downtown Dayton Partnership, ArtWorks Cincinnati, and the Gem City Market.


This project is managed by Rosewood Arts Center and the CitySites Percent for Art Program, and supported in part by the Ohio Arts Council and the Montgomery County Arts and Culture District with Culture Works.

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